Collaborative Economy

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There are all kinds of fantastic examples of the potential in the collaborative economy. Jane Jacobs, Steven Johnson, Adam Grant and Jeff Howe have had an impact on my thinking and I believe there are methods and models of collaboration that can provide mutually beneficial outcomes.

Here are some ideas that we are starting to explore:

Massive Collaboration in EdTech Sales
We are about to explore some ideas around representing a number of organisations who appear to have similar core values and synergy with the services they offer. We have no idea how this will pan out… but are looking forward to having fun as we test some ideas.

One of these ideas is to see if organisations who offer similar services are able to find ways to collaborate when it makes sense to the end user. We look forward to exploring this with EdShelf, Balefire Labs, Graphite and Ednaks.

What we are trying to do appears to be similar to Tinker Ed, June Labs and others, and we’d welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Suzy, Meg and others.

Organic EdTech Adoption
Once we’ve tested the idea above with some pilots, if they are successful and/or once we’ve ironed any bugs out we have plans to scale this with ideas regarding getting organic adoption of new technology on a large scale.

Social Media Mentors
Some educators are not currently using social media for fear of being trolled by students and parents. We hope to explore the concept of establishing a network of “Social Media Mentors” and “Social Media Learners” to provide support and advice with these kinds of issues.

Collaborative Online Projects for Educators
Wondering about the potential of collaborative projects online in terms of impact and scale we were keen to find ideas that educators could get involved with regardless of job title and experience.

We came up with these 7 Ideas for Collaborative Edu Projects and will develop them further as and when we get sufficient interest from educators.