“A manufacturer is not through with his customer when a sale is completed. He has then only started with his customer. In the case of an automobile the sale of the machine is only something in the nature of an introduction. If the machine does not give service, then it is better for the manufacturer if he never had the Introduction, for he will have the worst of all advertisements – a dissatisfied customer”
Henry Ford

This is our favorite quote regarding customers. Well will do everything we can to manage clients expectations, and to resolve any issues that arise quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction because…

Things can go wrong with clients (and they sometimes will)Oh the Places you'll Go - Landscape

Dr Seuss provide some great advice for kids and grown ups alike. We feel these images can represent the customer life cycle well, if a product or service hits a snag. This is why we feel managing client expectations and honest relationships are key… and why we’ve included a page about failed projects too.

We have been fortunate not too have many issues, and have enjoyed high levels of repeat business. Please find some Testimonials for Tech Stories, as well as some that were received while we were involved with these projects:

Using children’s books on a Testimonial page? Are we mad? Well we;

The Little Engine that Could1) Want to have fun with our clients

2) Want to help our clients go far… and in some cases move mountains

3) Know that Google considered the strap line of “The Little Engine that Could”when they were starting out and when Yahoo and Inktomi were the unassailable market leaders in Search.

“The rationale for Google was that this strap line would associate the company with the “scrappy”, “determined,”  and ultimately triumphant children’s book character.” Doug Edwards, I’m Feeling Lucky