Technology Adoption Cycle

Tech Adoption CycleSomething that should perhaps be part of the Digital Citizenship agenda is exploring how new ideas get adopted, particularly as Pokemon Go has overtaken the number of daily users that Twitter has.

What has this got to do with Digital Citizenship?

How many proponents of Twitter, Social Media or EdChats feel that their online PD provides the best value, but then struggle when trying to encourage others in their school or district to get connected?

As William has explored these issues, due in part to discussions that he’s had with fellow DigCit moderator Susan Bearden (@S_Bearden) and author of Digital Citizenship: A Community Based Approach, we invited him to discuss the articles in this section and concepts like “Early Adopters,”“Network Effects,” “Feedback Loops,” “Social Proof” and “Product Market Fit”

If you are a proponent of Pokemon Go, we hope that these ideas help you exploring the game, as well as help to get traction with your other favorite DigCit resources.

Educators may also want to share these ideas with their EdTech startup connections.

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