Technology Adoption Cycle

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Given the number of sales calls educators get, the number of exhibitors at education events and all the requests EdTech companies put in to ask for testimonials etc, then comparing with Pokemon Go rolling out overnight. We felt this was something worth exploring!

Digital Citizenship Summit UK Organizer, William Jenkins, offers some explanations for Pokemon Go impressive adoption and demonstrates how this overnight success has been years in the planning.

William will discuss the “Technology Adoption Cycle” and will highlight how Niantic used principles like “Optimal Distinctiveness” by making their games invite only for a year before opening it out to others.

He will discuss why this is important as people will have different “Customer Profiles” when it comes to adopting new technology ideas and will argue that it’s important to explore the potential with early users until “Product Market Fit” has been achieved before scaling any ideas.

Once the idea has been proven and is ready to be rolled out we look at how and why “Social Proof” is key to getting traction.

These are ideas that DigCit Leaders could perhaps use with colleagues in their advocacy work encouraging colleagues to become connected educators and are ideas we will be using when exploring the Pokemon Go Homework Challenge.

Technology Adoption Cycle

Schools Adopting TechnologyTech Adoption Cycle
Proponents & Detractors
Product Market Fit
Early Adopters
Network Effects
Social Proof
Ban… Or Explore?
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