We have followed the progress of companies that started out in EdTech incubators and what they have done as they have achieved rapid growth while remaining relatively small. This includes startups like ClassDojo, Trinket, Celly and RemindHQ.

Three common themes that startups like this seem to have includes

  • Stay as small as possible for as long as possible and
  • Have good access to educators who they can rely on for advice and input
  • They have a number of investors and backing from venture capitalists.

Replicating these conditions can be a challenge for startups and organisations who lack this kind of support.

Ideas Can Come From Anybody

We are looking to incorporate our experience sales, marketing, project management, market Research, content creation, community management, social selling, inbound marketing and curation to see the extent to which we can replicate this for organisations at the “Boot/cash strapped” end of the market.

There are a number of ways we can support education companies, as well as assisting schools, educators and students who want to explore any education reform ideas they are thinking of developing.

Ideas can come from anybody, anywhere and can be inspired by any kind of life experience” President Obama, White House Demo Day