Time & Cost Savings

We have experience with traditional sales in education, we are aware that this is a time consuming process. Before securing any orders sales teams need to:

  • Source the contact details for schools and colleges
  • Identifying the relevant department and person to speak to
  • Find the time for both the company and school staff to discuss the solution.

After the presentation a follow up meeting may be required. The sales cycle from meeting to booking can easily take 3 months (possibly as long as 6-12 months),  as educators need to fit their due diligence into an already busy schedule.


As a result of our previous projects we have sourced most of this information and have established good working relationships with many education stakeholders within various departments.

Our experience and knowledge could play a role in reducing the sales cycle for suppliers and the number of calls and presentation that educators need to be involved with.

We believe we can provide similar results to a full time sales executive in a fraction of the time… and at a fraction of the cost.