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“No leader can hope to persuade, regularly and single handedly, all the members of the group. A forceful leader can reasonably expect, however, to persuade some sizable portion of group members. Then the raw information that a substantial number of group members has been convinced can, by itself, convince the rest. Thus the most influential leaders are those who know how to arrange group conditions to allow the principle of social proof to work maximally in their favour” Robert Cialdini’s definition of Social Proof

7 Valuable Marketing Lessons Pokemon Go Has Taught Us

Social proof is everything in the modern era. We won’t buy a product unless someone else has reviewed it first. We won’t notice a business unless we hear someone else talking about it.

With Pokemon Go, social proof is visible—when you see people having fun with the same mobile game almost everywhere you turn, it’s almost impossible not to want to get involved.

Equally, of the businesses that are Pokestops social proof has been put to work too, as Ingress players are unlikely to submit a café or restaurant that isn’t one of their favorites, so are all the businesses that are packed because of lures because they do great food? Because of the lures? Or both? Would a pokestop that does rotten for and poor customer service be as busy?

Or, when looking for champions at schools, libraries, museums and businesses who suggest “Our org should explore the possibilities of this game,” there may be senior and middle management staff who grew up with the game who assist Niantic with their advocacy work.

Art Museum Sculpture Park and Pokemon GO

Dixon is one of the seven students interning at the Art Museum this summer, and they are all playing the game. In fact some led by Interactive Media Studies Intern Brian Carrell have been helping the Art Museum create a handy google map that shows you where the Pokestops and Gyms in Oxford are located with well over 100 so far on the map, it’s time to share.

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