Supplier Services


There are a number of services that we can provide EdTech startups and suppliers:

  • US Education/EdTech companies: Who are focusing all of their resources within US Education. We could assist with sourcing some UK based early partners so that case studies were available when they were looking to focus more on the UK.
  • UK Education/EdTech companies: We’ve been involved with a few successful projects and campaigns which have been well received by US educators, so may be able to help UK educators find some early US partners to co-create with them.
  • Tech Companies: Who do not have a presence in Education and would like to explore if there was demand for their services before hiring any dedicated staff who would focus on education.

Regardless of location, area of education or sector companies are focusing on, we can assist with sales, market research and community management and do some scoping to allow organisations to see if there was an interest in the proposed solution.

Benefits & Opportunities

We believe that we can provide the leads, exposure and results of a full time sales executive in a fraction of the time… and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Experienced: Provide ethical permission based engagement with educators from a well respected and trusted Community Manager with experience in startups, sales and project management.
  • Research: Commission and/or provide input on our reports, article and white papers.
  • Reach: Allow your services to be considered by educators in a number of countries, all contacts are “in-bound” and permission-based.
  • Strategy: We can assist with developing sector knowledge & provide strategy advice
  • Pilot Projects: Identify some “early adopters” to trial services and provide input regarding improvements before rolling ideas out to other educators.