Sales Matters in EdTech

Future of Learning

“If someone were to ask me to describe Steve Jobs, I would say that Steve Jobs is the greatest salesman of all time.” Walter Isaacson

We have found that sales matters in EdTech… A lot! We can see this in education as some educators will be fans of certain products and services but colleagues don’t use the service. We’ve found this to be the case with social media and Twitter chats.

The key to sales for suppliers and EdTech developers appears to be contacting educators while the idea is being developed.

The kind of sales effort needed today is to source leads to find the right early partner, and then selling them on the idea of investing time with suppliers to collaborate with testing and developing the idea.


An indication that Product Market Fit has been
achieved is when the Net Promoter Score is high

Once these early pilots achieve “product market fit” the idea will then be adopted through word of mouth referrals. This video is a fantastic example of these concepts in action