Proponents & Detractors

Proponents and Detractors

There are a lot of differing views about what Pokemon Go might be able to achieve in education. There are a lot of positive comments about the potential in education and in other sectors… but there are also some schools and organizations who are looking to ban the game.

What is a play here is not any one product but the way that ideas roll out that appears to be the root of the problem regarding why some people see potential with Pokemon Go and others may be thinking “Here we go again! The next big thing.” This could be addressed by having an appreciation of how ideas get adapted and adopted.

Why the wide spectrum of views?

Geoffrey Moore provides some insight into this with his Technology Adoption Cycle and how the early users (“Tech Enthusiasts” and “Visionaries”) have different “Customer Profiles” compared to users who would like to see solid case studies before they might get excited about the potential of Pokemon Go (Or any new idea).

It’s important to consider all the angles with new ideas (Something we hope this report achieves, as well as the DigCit PLN’s Pokemon Go forum), it’s equally important to give the reformers some space to discuss and explore their ideas regarding new technology.

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