Product market Fit

Product Market Fit

“Product/market fit
means being in a good
market with a product
that can satisfy that

Marc Andreessen

7 Valuable Marketing Lessons Pokemon Go Has Taught Us

You have to start with a good product—for example, even with these marketing advantages, if Pokemon Go was a train wreck of a game, it wouldn’t have caught on.

As a family our first experience of Pokemon Go was so positive that the first thing I did when I got home was to curate articles about the game, starting with the creators aims, which were:

The CEO behind ‘Pokemon Go’ explains why it’s become such a phenomenon

A lot of fitness apps come with a lot of “baggage” that end up making you feel like “a failed Olympic athlete” when you’re just trying to get fit, Hanke says. “Pokemon Go” is designed to get you up and moving by promising you Pokemon as rewards, rather than placing pressure on you.

“To see the world with new eyes”
The game is intended to “give you a little nudge” towards cool and interesting things in your neighborhood by turning real-life landmarks and historical sites into Pokestops and Gyms where players power up and battle. By encouraging exploration, “Pokemon Go” can “make your life better in some small way,” Hanke says.

Breaking the ice
All over the world, players are organizing “Pokemon Go” outings, cruising around their area and trawling for Pokemon. At higher levels, players need to team up with fellow players to conquer those Gyms. This is by design: Hanke describes “Pokemon Go” as an “icebreaker” that “gives people a reason to spend time together.”

These were three of the things that stood out to us on the first weekend of playing the game so it was safe to say that “Product Market Fit” had been achieved!

When this happens then the “Network Effects,” “Feedback Loops,” “Social Proof” and word of mouth referrals create the kind of overnight success that the Pokemon Go phenomenon is.

“Great products are at the heart of today’s leading companies. No longer is the product independent of sales & marketing… A great product is one that is easy to use, self-explanatory and delights customers” Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm

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