Problems with Pokestops?

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Interviews with Niantic founders highlights the creators interest in helping people learn and that safety is a priority for them.

Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Google’s Greatest Idea Man,

Again, it comes back to it thinking about what’s interesting about the world. What’s worth noting? And that led us down the path of history and historical markets

Field Trip has a deep collection of local history through a partnership with Arcadia We want to help people learn What I love is people going out and discovering the history of their town in the process of playing this game

Parents are doing this with their kids. We’ve gotten emails from parents saying ‘We took our kids and visited 12 historical sites in my town I’ve been by hundreds of times and never bothered to stop before.’ It’s super cool.

And maybe it’s the economy, or maybe it’s just a trend, but people are trying to figure out what can make their communities better  


As with any new idea there are some glitches, bugs, anomalies and “funnies.” For example, locations Niantic had asked users to refrain from submitting have been used, like Police stations and unsafe areas like the North Korea Border. In other cases the Pokestop did fit the criteria, but the building has been converted for residential use.

Pokemon GO: Police urge gamers to stop trying to catch Sandshrew in Darwin police station

People Are Flocking To This Guy’s House Because It’s A Gym On Pokemon Go

Some articles in this collection highlight changes can be and are being made businesses are now being invited to be added as Pokestops.

How Pokemon Go locations work (probably) highlights that:

“Gradually places that are less appropriate… will just die out and the confirmed ones will take precedent. “It’s a bit like taking down unsuitable things on YouTube,”

Something that we can see via The mysterious Pokemon Go gym at the border of North Korea and South Korea has disappeared article.

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