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An article called Getting started with Pokemon Go & Students: Using Lures at your school Pokestop has some fantastic ideas around how to utilize Pokemon Go if your school is a Pokestop but, according to the portal criteria, schools should not be gyms or Pokestops.

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Candidates on the grounds of PRIMARY/SECONDARY SCHOOLS

If Schools are not being considered as Pokestops at the moment but you’d like your school to be one so you can implement ideas from this article:

  • What can the DigCit PLN do to help with this?
  • What would we need to consider before implementing school Pokestops?

 “Pokemon gyms should be located at every school.  Beyond  the use of Pokemon Go in curriculum it should  also be  noted that the safest public places in a local  community  should be the school. If students are going to  play this  game why wouldn’t we want the gyms to be  located in a  safe place, with caring adults around and  typically strong  security systems and light campuses.” Rob Furman, principal at South Park Elementary, Pennsylvania

One thing that would be easy to implement would be to arrange a Pokehunt at your local College or University that have Pokestops and where the staff are embracing the game.

School staff could liaise with their HE counter-parts while students engage with older students to discuss the game… and find out about what they are studying and the courses on offer.

We love this Pokemon Go at Inverhills  College Article:

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