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The Pokemon Go craze: Sure, it’s taken over, but is it a friend or foe?

This is the problem with technology adoption — we don’t have time to slowly dip our toe in the water. Tenants have had no say, no input, and now they’re part of it

With a lot of other Digital resources we have had more time to explore and make sense of the medium: the potential and the dangers. With kids leading the way with this and the scale of the game. this may not be as much of an option as it has been in the past.

With children playing a game that has articles written about it with headlines like All the ways Pokemon Go might kill you and FALSE: 15-Year-Old Killed Trespassing While Playing Pokemon Go. As Digital Leaders who encourage the safe, ethical and savvy use of digital resources we thought we’d compile some safety advice, which is a crowd sourced effort as it is composite guidelines from all the articles we have read to date… and some safety issues are not new

UW-Madison police ask Pokemon Go players to watch where they’re walking

“We’re used to stuff like this to a certain extent on campus – our population is glued to their phones all the time,” Lovicott said. “Now here’s another reason for folks to do that.”

There is advice on safety that recur a number of times, there is also a fair amount written about the privacy and Niantic. Equally there is some advice that only appear once in the articles that ask some REALLY interesting questions and highlight that averting some security/safety risks are within our control.

For example, Jin Ha Lee highlights the potential danger of having avatars that look like ourselves, a natural choice. But one that leaves us open to potential danger.

Or, if your school is a Pokestop, who owns the AR collateral that’s associated with the building or whether or not AR needs to be compliant with disability laws.

Compiling this safety advice has been an interesting experience, one that we hope to build on both in terms of looking at other perspectives and issues, collecting any other educators/schools safety policies and discussing good practice to ensure that students are being responsible citizens and digital leaders.

DigCit PLN Pokemon Go: Safety Advice

‘Pokemon Go’ is good for us | The Trumpet

Jin Ha Lee on Pokemon Go: How to stay safe and play to win


Oftentimes when people are given this kind of option, they will immediately try to make the character look like themselves. That’s kind of the natural instinct

But one thing to also remember is that when you do that, you are actually making it really easy for people to identify you

So you could be the only Asian female player within a particular group, or you could be the only black male player, and that shows if you select a particular skin tone or something like that.

Pokemon Go: Health Benefits and Safety Tips

What is Pokemon Go? Everything You Need to Know | Globe University

The University of Alabama

Strangers of the World: Stop Hitting on Me While I Play Pokemon Go

I’m okay with it if that guy thinks I am a jerk. There are probably other people who are
interested in having a conversation with him on the street about Pokemon. I am not one of
those people.

So, fellow trainers, here’s my parting advice for you: if you see another person playing
this game, don’t make it weird. Don’t follow them and stand too close trying to look at
their screen. Don’t tap their shoulder and ask them to take out their headphones and try to
talk to them. “Headphones” is, like, the universal symbol for “don’t talk to me,” okay?

How to Make Pokemon Go Actually Useful

This game lends itself to annoying behavior like this, and I’ll admit that I literally bumped into at least one person while playing.

But it’s possible to be courteous while adding to your Pokédex. Stay on the edges of heavily foot-trafficked areas, and wait to stand still before flicking your Pokéballs.


How to play ‘Pokemon Go’ without being a jerk

We’ve put together some basic rules for how to play Pokemon Go without being a jerk. They are as follows:


UTRGV | Pokemon Go Tips

University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security

Pokemon Go at #okstate

Antwerp police caution of dangers of Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Creators Urge Players To “Be Aware Of Their Surroundings”

SFPD Issues Pokemon Go Safety Tips, Like ‘Do Not Run Into Trees’

Law enforcement agencies throughout the world have already reported accidents, injuries, and string of robberies where suspects have set up fake ‘Poke-spots’.

Pokemon GO

Auburn police: Driver crashes into tree while playing ‘Pokemon Go’

All around the world, authorities are worrying about Pokemon Go

Check out the DigCit PLN’s “Safety Advice” Collection here

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