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Jin Ha Lee on Pokemon Go: How to stay safe and play to win

most businesses are taking one of two paths. One is to try to make it more difficult for players, like “Oh, you have to purchase something if you want to come in and catch Pokemon,” or, “No, don’t stand in front of my business.” So you can take that route, or I think you can take the other route

You can put the lure actively around your businesses; you can try to attract those people

If I owned any of those businesses, I would actually hold a different night for different teams

So you can get some kind of bonus if you’re Team Valor on certain days. You can actually promote those kind of meetings

A lot of Ingress players, what we call it is “farming,” which is to get together in a group and you go to these portals and you put the frackers on, which is the lure in Pokemon, and you get gears and all different stuff together as a group

And when they do that, they also like to get together to eat and drink and spend time at your businesses, and this is a big group of people. I think there are ways to take advantage of that in a good way

You support the fun gameplay, you provide a venue where they can connect with each other and do good business



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How Google’s Niantic Labs took over the world

When was the last time you were in the drug store and didn’t pick up a soda or some gum?

“We’ve taken the same approach to brainstorming ways to monetize as we’ve taken the approach to building the game, in that, we really want to start in a lot of ways from scratch,” explains Badger.

“One of the nice characteristics of a geo game like Ingress is that people are moving through the real world, and, obviously, driving potential customers to real world businesses and service locations is something that businesses value. We’re pretty optimistic that there’s some model there where it can work to be a win for advertisers, Niantic Labs, and players, because, it’s something that, it should add to the gameplay and not detract from the fun of the game. So, it should feel organic.

Niantic has already made all of the Duane Reade pharmacies in New York locations in the game, and, its monitoring and experimenting with different ways to integrate that into the game.

“I think that, we hope to end up with a model where, potentially there could be a cost-per-visit type model where large brands and small brands, as well, could sponsor different elements of the game, with the end of interacting with players and really tapping into that enthusiasm of players.”

Almost nobody pays for virtual goods in apps, but those who do shell out a lot

 5.2% of mobile users make in-app purchases. But this small subset on average shells out $9.60 a month per app.

Across the globe, Asia has the highest share of paying users, who also spend the most on in-app purchases. Among these users, the average purchase size is $10.65 compared to $8.80 globally.

How ‘Pokemon GO’ Can Lure More Customers To Your Local Business

it’s not hard to imagine that many businesses might take a tone-deaf approach and turn the influx of Pokemon Trainers into a negative experience

Perhaps you have a coffee shop or local restaurant that doubles as a PokeStop. Create a Pokemon-inspired drink or dish and offer customers who show you the game on their phone a discount!

Fortunately, you can do more than just embrace the game and feature it in your marketing or signage. Pokemon GO has a purchasable in-game item called a “Lure Module” which attracts Pokemon to a particular PokeStop for 30 minutes

Those Pokemon it attracts? They’re visible to and attainable by everyone in the nearby vicinity.

Use it during a typically slow period of your day to get more foot traffic, and then use your creativity to turn them into a paying customer.

Pokemon Go is making $1.6 million each day in US from iOS users paying for silly virtual goods

In the US alone, players on iOS are spending about $1.6 million each day on in-app transactions within Pokemon Go, according to data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Pokemon Go will soon get ads in the form of sponsored locations

retailers and companies will be granted the paid opportunity to be featured prominently on the game’s virtual map, in the hope to drive customers inside their facilities.

Brands that paid to create sponsored content in Ingress are pharmacy Duane Reade, café chain Jamba Juice, and car-rental service Zipcar.

Why Local Business Needs to Pay Attention to Pokemon Go

Niantic CEO John Hanke said that “sponsored locations” would provide a new revenue stream, in addition to in-app purchases of power-ups and virtual items.

this means retailers and businesses will be allowed a paid opportunity to be prominently featured in the Pokemon Go virtual map. This will hopefully drive traffic to their places of business

A few U.S. retailers have already been featured in the app and they have seen real customers come in to their stores as a result of the Pokemon Go app

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Developing Relationships and Delivering Value

“I could not agree more that creating relationships should come before selling products.  This is the same mindset that we, as teachers, have in the classroom.  Relationships should always come before the curriculum.  My district, Montgomery ISD, is going social this year, and we are using this hashtag-#CAR.  It stands for Content After Relationships.  This also applies to suppliers and marketing departments! 

 I’m a huge fan of edtech companies that reach out to teachers for support and guidance.  It shows that our voices are heard, and that what we have to say matters when it comes to edtech companies and their vision.  Companies like Buncee, Declara, Blendspace, Remind, and Flocabulary are companies that come to my mind when I think about strong teacher/company relationships.  And these are the companies that I will always be loyal, too!”  Amy Storer | Instructional Coach in Montgomery ISD in Montgomery TX | EdChange Global Organizer

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