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Eugenia Tamez, Educational Technology Consultant who works at Eduktech in Mexico and is a member of the DigCit PLN. When Eugenia told us about her work around the nine elements of Digital Citizenship in relations to Pokemon Go we were intrigued!

When my son Curran got involved and created a Pokemon DigCit poster, we were so excited! What fantastic collaboration and exemplar Digital Citizenship!

Eduktech is a Mexico-based association that helps educational institutions address the challenges of implementing and using new information and communication technologies in classrooms. Eduktech provides tools to help digital age students, teachers and school administrators develop the skills they need to become authentic digital leaders. Above all, Eduktech want to help the world of education bridge the two worlds in which we live today: Real Life (RL) and the online world.

9 Elements

“One of the most important and controversial challenges that schools, parents and communities have faced in recent months is Pokemon Go. Fans are excited by its possibilities, while “enemies” wish it had never existed. However, we think that Pokemon Go is one of the best opportunities we have seen recently to introduce the concept of Digital Citizenship to our students. With Pokemon Go, we can broadly educate across all the nine elements of digital citizenship

Besides taking care of safety, let´s change our perspective and see Pokemon Go as an opportunity to teach, learn and connect with new generations.” Eugenia Tamez | Educational technology consultant | Necali Centro Educativo

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