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Through working with William Jenkins (@EdTech_Stories) we’ve come to understand about the importance of looking at the “Why” of a company, as well as what the company or service can do to facilitate learning.

There has been a lot written about the security settings and privacy of Pokemon Go.

We would encourage people to read about creator John Hank’s journey: His passion for maps, wanting to help people learn, creating games that will see kids (including his own) be more active and his interest in people trying to make their communities better.

When we add articles like “Putting Education in “Educational” Apps: Lessons From the Science of Learning” and “Obesity in Children and Technology” it’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that this might be an organization worth supporting.

If nothing else the second article below is a fantastic example of encouraging students to “Do what they love and love what they do” as John Hanke’s

The Man behind Pokemon Go: John Hanke, MBA 96

“Essay to Haas was written about the opportunity in the space of interactive gaming and technology,” Hanke said in 2014 Haas video. “I wanted to build applications that would deepen people’s involvement in their town or community, to encourage people to actually meet up in the real world.”






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