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In this section we look at Pokemon Go in the context of the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship.

We then highlight some amazing collaboration between members of our PLN where Eugenia Tamez provided some ideas around how she is using Pokemon Go to explore Digital Citizenship, which  then led to DigCit Kids Ambassador Curran Dee coming up with a Pokemon themed poster.

We then take a look at how much data is produced each day before going on to discuss Pokemon Go in the context of digital literacy by comparing socio-economic conditions in the days of the Niantic ship in the 19th Century with today’s economic migrants when considering an article that suggests that companies like Niantic damage local economies.

Pokemon Go & the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship (And a cool Pokemon Go DigCit Poster)
Information Overload
Pokemon Go and Digital Literacy


Going on a Pokehunt (1)


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