Network Effects

Network Effects

The network effect is a phenomenon whereby a product or service becomes more valuable when more people use it. The internet is a good example. Initially, there were few users of the internet, and it was of relatively little value to anyone outside of the military and a few research scientists.

We can see the Network Effect in play in a number of ways with Pokemon Go

  • Ingress Players: As we’ve seen already, Ingress players created the Pokestops.
    If there were only a few towns that had Pokestops or if there were only 1-2 Pokestops in each town the game would lack the infrastructure needed.
  • Pokemon Go Fans

This New York Times reviewer told us exactly how we’d react to the game in 1999

At the time, if you were following Ash Ketchum and his pal Pikachu on their adventures to catch all of the world’s cuddliest pocket monsters, you were most likely under the age of 20. Now, nearly two decades later, most of the original generation of Pokemon fans are all grown up

The result is that Pokemon Go appeals strongly to people of all ages, especially millennials who were fans of Pokemon when they were younger

  • Students: A lot of university campuses appear to have a large number of Pokestops.

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