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Hubspot Junk MailThere were four main factors in early 2011 that contributed to my exploration of social media and producing content.

Nov 2010: My employer had a Scottish and London Office but due to government budget cuts closed the Scottish office. When considering my next move I contacted the head of education at “The Big 3″ companies and the feedback from one was;

“Why can’t I find you on social media? You need a digital presence… It comes with the job today if you want to be in EdTech” 

Jan 2011: I attended a workshop organised by Informatic Ventures and was an Inbound Marketing workshop ran by Bill Aulet and Ken Morse. The course blew my mind and highlighted where the role of sales is headed… Inbound Marketing and Social SellingSocial Selling

Mar 2011: After reading Social Nation and lurking and curating some education based Twitter accounts I sent my first ever Tweet… Which lead to some fantastic collaboration and my first reportSocial Nation Tweet

Two weeks after my first Tweet I attended the Association of Colleges Communications Conference and a topical issue were the budget cuts that had led to my former employer closing one of their offices.

College Marketing departments were frustrated that they were expected to do more with less and felt that social media could help with these budget cuts… But SMT and administrators were blocking social media sites at the college.

As someone who understood SMT’s perspective about social media being a waste of time, but had to get up to speed with it, I could see both perspectives… and I’d just read a really interesting book on the topic.Social Media Adaption

Today most FE Colleges not only have social media accounts, but proudly display these companies icons on the college’s homepage… Not bad for a service that the servers blocked a few years ago.

July 2011: I worked on a draft of my Twitter in FE Report and sent it to Social Nation author, Barry Libert, to see if I could reference his book. Not only did he kindly grant permission, he advised me on how I could tidy the report up.

Social Nation
Sept 2011:
After patiently reviewing 5 or 6 drafts of the report and patiently providing all sorts of advice, I published and circulated the report.

Barry’s kind permission as well as his patience and advice gave me the confidence and experience which facilitated the next 7 reports that I have written since.

June 2012: There were things that I wanted to discuss with educators that were unrelated to the 9-5 work, so I opened my blog and hit “Publish” with some trepidation for the first time on a mini-novel called Culture in Education: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

April 2013: In the first few of #EdTechChat being established 40 companies were mentioned 400-500 times without any sales calls or sales people being present.

Aug 15: I am regularly praised for my writing and asked to contribute guest posts. My posts have also helped develop a few ideas.

I may have re-skilled just in time