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Given that most schools will have been on their summer break when Pokemon Go came out, it was surprising how many articles were produced about what Pokemon Go will or won’t do in education.

As leaders in Digital Citizenship we have spent the first few weeks curating, and listening to, as many of the perspectives as we could. This report includes a wide range of perspectives on the main issues from within Education as well as other sectors.

The content of the articles we have explored are from schools and organizations who are and/or will be exploring the possibilities… as well as from those who would prefer to see the game banned in education. We have complied this document in the hope of providing a balanced view.

As well as to highlight the diverse range of voices, another aims is to enable the early adopters to explore the positive potential of the game while, at the same time, being aware of the concerns that the detractors have.

Given the number of articles written about Pokemon Go this is not designed to be a definitive collection on the topic. Rather, we hope that it will prove to be the basis of a collection of articles that the DigCit PLN will contribute to both in terms of adding new articles like this collection which was crowd sourced, as well as discussing the articles and insights in this report.

When structuring each section of this document we wondered how to order the articles and, as all voices and perspectives matter, each article appears chronologically.

We provide a summary of each topic to draw out how the articles applies to the Digital Citizenship agenda but hope you will check out these articles and collections in their entirety:

We hope this assists with your exploration of the role that Pokemon Go may play in Education.

We would welcome you to follow these collections on Declara and/or if you’d like to join our steering group where we discuss this further please complete this DigCit PLN Pokemon Go Form

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