Crowdfunding Ideas

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Crowdfunding Educators PD
EdWeek published an article recently asking if Crowdfunding can Pay for Educators PD? The answer to this question is the, in our opinion, as things stand at the moment… possibly not.

While educators see this as an interesting idea and even though #Get2ISTE tested the concept crowdfunding educator PD may not succeed… at least not without a little sales hustle!

Miami Device device have a crowdfund page to help educators attend their conference in November.

Miami Device

Educators seem to be keen on this concept but suppliers don’t appear to be supporting the idea. We suggested ways that get support from EdTech suppliers prior to ISTE2015: #Get2ISTE2016: Ways to get support During ISTE2015 and will continue to put “a little hustle” into this to see how and if the idea can be developed further.

3D Hubs
Some brief research into crowdfu3DHubs Mapnding for 3D Printers found that 10% of the collective $300,000 that educators were trying to raise was fulfilled. There could be a number of mutually beneficial advantages if educators were to collaborate and develop a strategy with 3D Hubs whose mission is;

“To make 3D printing locally accessible to everyone by “unlocking” the world’s idle 3D printers, facilitating transitions between 3D Hubs (Printer owners) and people that want to make 3D Prints (Makers)”

Good Audience & Grow Sumo
We are exploring some ideas around educators getting involved with Good Audience’s partner program so if they received any unwanted calls and emails they could recommend the company to get social media advice with Serman Lee and his team.

If the company went with the recommendation this could generate income for their PD and crowdfund causes via Good Audience’s GrowSumo account. The overall outcome would be:

A reduction in the number of cold calls and additional revenue for educators.