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Pokemon Go Homework Challenge
In my recent DigCit PLN Update post where I highlight that we are exploring Pokemon Go, I summarize the various perspectives while considering the following questions:

How can we help the proponents explore the game? But in a way that takes the views of the detractors into consideration?

  • Understanding educators desire to explore Pokemon Go
  • Realizing the need to test with some pilots before “scaling”
  • Appreciating that there is hesitancy as some educators may be thinking “here we go again…the new next big thing in education”
  • Kids will be playing Pokemon Go whether educators like it or not…whether the game is banned or not
  • We agree with some of the comments from the blogs above that we should be using all learning opportunities
  • Anything that facilitates “Great teaching and more of it” is what good EdTech should do, so Pokemon Go has potential
  • That not all the Ingress Portals/Pokestops have a description

We came up with the idea of having a Homework Pokemon Go Challenge

Ask your students write a description about local Pokestops

If you share your story with us we will curate and share these stories with our PLN:


We hope this idea will allow any educators who are advocate of Pokemon Go to test the games’ potential and hopefully establish some evidence and case studies before taking this into the classroom.

This summer, kids everywhere where actively involved in playing Pokémon Go. We were outside, engaged and learning about our community. Let’s take that type learning and put it in the classroom. Curran Dee, DigCitKids

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