Our experiences with exploring crowdfunding for educators to get to conferences has been a particularly interesting example as this case study demonstrates;

  • The importance of sales in education
  • Why all stakeholders should be throwing ideas around to collaborate and resolve any challenges and/or co-creating on solutions and improvements.

During a Twitter Chat session prior to ISTE2014 I discovered that one of the moderators would not be attending the conference due to the costs of the event. I suggested that educators and suppliers could explore “Social Tipping” for EdChat moderators. The idea wasn’t well received.NikkiDRobertson

Three months prior to ISTE2015 I re-raised the idea and, thanks to Nikki Robertson’s work with Nurph, the idea got a far better reception… but there were still quite a few objections to be overcome.

From 19-26 March I wrote six posts which was basically thinking out loud to consider the various objections that people tweeted out or emailed me about regarding the previous days post.PledgeCents Funded

On the 27th March PledgeCents established their #Get2ISTE cause and by 28th June 4 out of 7 causes were fulfilled.Get2ISTE - Keynote Tweet