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PokecoinsIn 14 Reasons Why Pokemon GO Is The Future Of Learning the author asks:

 why pay for an educational app when you can find one for free

However, in the Pokemon Go and Education there is observation:

It needs to be remembered that this is a commercial opportunity for Niantic

With all the free EdTech out there, much of which has Venture Capital funding, this is a question that perhaps needs to be asked… not only of Niantic but with regard to other tools too. This collection of articles includes articles about the commercial aspect of Pokemon Go.

This is a free game with commercial interests, which is now accepting businesses as Pokestops, has in-app purchases, makes $1.6 million dollars a day in the US… but is also a game that young people can play without having to pay and commentators highlight that it’s unlikely Nintendo will cross any lines that might annoy the parents of its younger demographic.

It might be argued that if it was not for the support of Google that educators may not be discussing Pokemon Go at all.

The Tragedy of Pokemon Go highlights how other augmented reality games needed to be sponsored to help keep the lights on and the coders coding.

Area/Code co-founder and current NYU Game Center director Frank Lantz told me, “such a victory was only possible thanks to years of corporate patronage from Google, along with the licensing of the most popular videogame IP of all time.

The vast majority of pervasive and alternate reality games turned out to be sponsored affairs. Buzz marketing projects created for their ability to generate “earned media” rather than for their entertainment or social value.

This is not dissimilar to comparing EdTech companies who have the benefit of being in an EdTech incubator with access to educators for input and VC’s for funding, with companies who lack this kind of support.

Matt Murrie“This report is not just for people in the EdTech space… It’s a Masters Course on entrepreneurship for today and beyond.

While many of the specific examples focus on EdTech startups, suppliers, and schools, the examples and resources it contains have value across entrepreneurial sectors. For the EdTech entrepreneur, supplier, and/or school, this document provides the groundwork for your future growth and innovation” Matt Murrie | Executive Director | What If…? 360

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