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I have been a fan of Declara since the site went live in April 2015 and thought it would be a great platform to curate some of the fantastic links that were shared during education conferences like ISTE.

Since ISTE 2015 I have explored this platform for a number of projects and it has been a key resource in my efforts to re-skill from EdTech sales to community management and learning about the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go.

During this time, I have also collaborated with Dr. Marialice Curran on several projects. So, I was  delighted when Marialice asked me to collaborate on this Pokemon Go report.

A comment from closing keynote at ISTE13 was “Get out of the Echo Chamber.” In 2015 it was don’t leave the enthusiasm of ISTE on the journey back to normal life. In 2016 it was looking at the shape of communities and how reaching out to Howard Rheingold on social media led to him mentoring an educator on the topic.

I learned a lot from “getting out of the echo chamber” and have learned lots from Rheingold through reading about an early online community called “The Well,” just one of the stories that are included in my Community Management Resources Collections on Declara… including fantastic advice from #Cmgrhangout regulars like David De Wald (@Historian)

I’ve been an advocate for all stakeholders in education collaborating more and feel that a company whose founder is not only a fan of “Extreme, Radical Collaboration” but who has benefited from the wisdom of having 100 grandparents after recovering from a drunk driver hitting her when she was out for a run at an old folks home.

This document and collaboration is particularly timely as the California Education Department has just announced that they have selected Declara as their partner for their #GoOpen initiative.

I hope that this document and collaboration highlights that we are indeed #BetterTogetherCA.

William Jenkins
Community Manager     @EdTech_Stories

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