A few years ago we noticed that educators who were previously receptive to calls were requesting to be contacted less frequently. We decided to explore the adoption of technology in education.Teachers Know Best

  • Google, Apple and Microsoft and other major tech companies get adopted without making sales calls
  • Companies based in EdTech Incubators were getting a lot of praise from educators

Our research led us to look at major Tech companies, startups within education as well as practices in other sectors.

What we found is that staying as small as possible for as long as possible and co-creating with potential users is key! We particularly liked Google’s Doug Edwards’ take on this (See P34 of this report).

In order for this to happen there needs to be a shift in how sales is viewed in the EdTech ecosystem… As well as how sales teams engage with education.

“Sales & marketing departments must refocus away from selling products and toward creating relationships. Partnering with customers is a key component. The primary challenge here is not technical, but cultural” Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm

Technology Adoption Cycle