Educator Services

“What is Apple going to do in response to the market turmoil and the most frightening economic times in recent memory we are facing?” Was a question that Peter Sheahan asked a Regional Apple CEO, his answer was “We are going to innovate through it! …The company will come out of this crisis in better shape than We have entered it in. This [2008 economic crisis] is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the market.” Peter Sheahan, Flip

There are a number of areas where we could assist educators. For example, with budget cuts affecting so many schools and colleges, our sales experience could assist educators with business development idea, income generation and supporting crowdfunding initaitives.

  • Our Business Development Ideas for FE report included projections of £10 million through 8 suggestions that were based on the practices of businesses who were enjoying rapid growth.As 8 out of 10 businesses fail these figures might be extremely unlikely, but if one or two of the ideas took off, there could be a healthy new revenue stream. For example;
  • College Commercial Services
    Through applying our sales research to colleges commercial services there could be as much as £700,000 additional income generated for FE colleges.
  • Collaboration with 3DHubs
    When we did some quick research on the number of crowdfunded causes we found that educators were looking for $300,000 of funding against $36,000 that was raised.We propose that educators who are looking to procure 3D Printers partner with an organisation called 3D Hubs. This partnership would involved putting a business case together for local organisations to support the school with their crowd fund cause, which they would benefit from.
  • Get2ISTEGet2ISTE - Nikki Robertson
    This crowd funding model of supporting educators to get to conferences is an alternative marketing model and a way to sponsor and support educators
  • Supplier Savings
    By reducing suppliers sales overheads these savings could lead to a reduction of EdTech products and services.

Strategy and Training 
We could provide strategy advice and training on our research on the adoption of technology, organisational culture, business development and social media.