Data Curation

Where Ideas come from

Except for ideas and services, what else would one not possessed of property or money have to give? Napoleon Hill

This comment resonates with me A LOT! My only resource for the last 2 years has been a broken Blackberry and a beat up old refurbished laptop. So I’ve done the only thing I could, which is put some time into exploring some ideas using the only resource available: my time.

I took the time to curate data and any curation has led to new ideas.

Twitter Lists
I have curated 42 Twitter Lists with over 11,000 people and accounts being added to these lists

Conference Tweets
After following various Twitter EdChats for a few months I found the chats and archives to be a rich source of fantastic links, articles and ideas… But the tweets when speeding by and, with 150 chats (in 2013 today there are over 400) it is a time consuming to access the archives. Since 2013 I have been looking for ways to organise this data in a more efficient and meaningful way.

2013 – I attempted to curate data from EdChats and ISTE2013 viaSpreadsheets

2014Nurph This led to use producing our EdChat Resource Plan, which facilitated the development for #Get2ISTE… An initiative that featured on the big screen at ISTE2015 closing keynote

2015Declara Who recently announced that they are developing a Flipped Conference service, which is the kind of thing I was looking for when I started curating the data in 2013

The value of taking the time to curate this information: 5 MUST Read ISTE2015 Posts

Twitter Chats
Through curating all this EdChat information I have developed a few resources for EdChats. As well as a Twitter list of EdChat moderators I have curated the following EdChat information

EdChat Calendar: I started adding to the information to the calendar that Jerry Blumentgarden and Tom Murray manage initially so that the US times were convered into GMT times. I then curated some additional information. This was imported into

Chat Salad: Over 400 EdChats are now on ChatSalad

EdChat Moderator Community: Established a forum on G+ for moderators to share resources and ideas around developing their EdChats

EdTech Suppliers
Given my interest in sales, EdTech and Twitter chats I found it curious that relatively few suppliers join Twitter chats and curated the social media links for ISTE suppliers in time for Connect an Educator Day.

ISTE2015 Exhibitors
ISTE2015 Exhibitors: Social Media Links
ISTE2015 Exhibitors: Twitter Stats

Education Maps
I have mapped most of UK Education and have started to curate the information for US Education. More news to follow regarding our mapping project to follow soon.