Core Values

Tribal Leadership

“Identify core values and align them with a noble cause”

In one of the best leadership books I’ve ever read, Tribal Leadership, Dave Logan details the importance of core values, how spending time discovering what the core values are and ensuring that day to day decisions are guided by them is something that differentiates the highest performing teams.

Given the importance of this we will be spending a bit of time working on this. In the interim, we’ve included some potential values as well and some examples of how they have been applied to previous projects.

Taking the time to understand other people needs has paid dividends in the past. It was through empathising with a potential competitor that we realised that our ideas were sound, the issue was the market I was operating in wasn’t right at the time.

Honest Relationships
Honest relationships are vital in order to co-create great products. The kind of candor that’s required takes commitment and effort.

Politicians set the education policy and I’ve written a post that may be viewed as critical but this is also an honest assessment of my experiences, with suggestions designed to help: How to Rebuild Trust when it’s Broken

Are these views and actions liable to affect Tech Stories progress because politicians decide education policies? Perhaps, but it’s also an honest assessment.

We will collaborate with anyone where and when working together will better serve the customer. This includes companies that may be viewed as competitors.

How can we Help?
Dave Kerpen’s “Always Show Your Friendship First” and Adam Grant’s “Give and Take” with Adam Rifkin’s examples have had a big impact on us.

We’ll do what we can where we can to “Show our friendship first” and will do “5 minute favours” where and when we can.

I’ve enjoyed unusually high levels of repeat business and growth with previous projects and we know what it’s like to have great user experiences with products and services that we are fans of.

As an organisation looking to facilitate word of mouth referrals and reduce overheads and sales calls, this can only be achieved with quality: high quality products and quality relationships.