Cause Marketing

“We will do what is right, even if it isn’t profitable”
Core value of one of Bo Burlington’s Small Giants

There are a number of projects and ideas that we get involved with because it just makes plain good sense, even though it makes no money… Not for us anyway.

When we read a post saying that  that a US startup who was trying to achieve similar results to what we had been working on in the UK was winding the business up. When we saw an educators call to help #SaveEdShelf we wrote about our experiences and detailed how and why this model has benefits.

Something that started out as a random idea in our blog prior to ISTE2014 was implemented during ISTE2015… From concept to implementation without a sales call in sight.

Crowdfunding Ideas
While there is a lot of interest in crowdfunding initiatives from educators, there appear to be a significant number of unfulfilled causes. We suggest some ways that educators could improve the chances of their causes to hit their target amount.

Helping Max with His Drive
When we heard the things that student Max Ramseyer achieved while at college with his Drive project, we wondered what kind of support might be forthcoming to help him to scale his idea.

We understand that within a week of this post being published that some organisations came forward, and some ongoing discussions are currently taking place.