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Pokemon Go was launched in July when most schools were on their summer break. For all the articles that have been written about whether Pokemon Go has a place in education and/or what it can or can’t achieve for teaching and learning… at the time of writing many of these ideas were largely untested.

The one area of education that students have been around is on College and University campuses.

Our Campus Community Collection includes articles about the impact and reaction of having Pokemon Go on campus, which are overwhelmingly positive.

The one exception being The University of Nebraska who took the decision to ban the game and which the Student Association released a Statement on the Recent Ban on Pokemon Go, which provides an interesting DigCit discussion:

“Firstly, we feel that this sets a dangerous precedent in which UNMC and Nebraska Medicine can police what students, employees, patients, and the public do on their own phones, on their own time, on public property. We find it very concerning that such an action has been deemed an acceptable approach to solving a problem”

Like the Health Benefits and Social impact Collections, these articles include some fantastic ideas for community building with students and other groups.


I love the thought of using Pokémon to help incoming and prospective students with learning more about their campus.  How fun would this be on day one of school!  I watched numerous kids walk into to our school building today, the first day of school, with Pokémon t-shirts and other items.  How engaging would it be to take them on a tour of the building with their phones out searching for spots along the way!  It’s all about how we reach our students!  For some students, this could be the first step in forming a strong relationship with them. Amy Storer, Instructional Coach in Montgomery ISD in Montgomery TX and EdChange Global Organizer

Campus Community Extracts & Insights

3 Ways Higher Ed Is Playing Along with the Pokemon GO Craze

Texas State University challenged Texas A&M University to a Pokemon GO Twitter battle.

Innovative higher administrators turned the Pokemon frenzy into a chance to show off their campuses to prospective students

Pokemon Go brings all our dreams to [augmented] reality

Students interested in learning more about GIS can take the elective course CIT 351 – Geographic Information Systems taught by Professor Dan Farkas.

Catching ‘Em All at NYPL with Pokemon GO

If you visit any of NYPL’s branches while playing the game, be sure to post your fun shots and tag @nypl on Twitter and Instagram!

10 ways to Use Pokemon Go on Campus

Map your campus’ Pokestops and gyms

Middle Tennessee State University’s Alumni Association posted this about alumni coming back to campus and engaging with students and new freshmen. It’s all about engagement and since everyone is already excited about the game

Live stream a Pokemon hunt.

great opportunity to make students aware of campus escort or evening safe team / safe ride programs on your campus.

If your office is located in a prime hunting ground or if you would like to encourage students to drop in, set up a PokeCharge area with extension cords, extra outlets, charging cables and even snacks and drinks if you have them. It’s a great way for student activities offices, (really any campus office) to get in on the excitement as well as encourage student interaction

We are always looking at ways to get students to come into our offices and connect with staff, here’s a super simple way to do just that!

Host a meetup. Scouting for Pokemon is more fun with friends! These can be especially fun in the evenings or off hours and when sponsored by a student group or student government

If your campus has lots of freshmen on campus this summer getting acclimated this would be a great no cost way to get them out of their residence halls and interacting with each other

College Campuses Are Being Overrun by Pokemon Go

Colleges are eager to embrace the trend. They are also taking steps to make sure their campus communities remain safe, using social media to urge players to be aware of their surroundings.

The University of Central Florida’s police department went so far as to advertise via Twitter that its shuttle services were available to students who were playing Pokemon Go on campus late at night.

“Students are really walking around campus a lot more,” she says, “and I feel like they’re ironically becoming more aware of things that are on campus because they have to walk to these different Poké Stops.”

‘Pokemon Go’ introduces new students to Wright State’s campus

The game has become a helpful way for incoming and prospective students to learn more about campus

“I’m not one to actually get out and meet people. Seeing people that are actually doing the same thing is a big excitement thing for me,” said Trevor Sloan, a freshman computer science major.

What is Pokemon Go? Everything You Need to Know

This game takes you places you wouldn’t normally go and has you talking to people with whom you wouldn’t normally converse.

I’d love to see a Pokemon Walking Club spring up at each campus, so that we can all get some exercise while working together to find more Pokemon.

Campus Pokemon Go players hope to ‘catch ’em all’

Owen is 13. He and his father, John Knox, have been walking the campus for two hours, playing Pokemon Go.

“If you want a true measure of a child’s capacity to learn,” said John Knox, a teacher, “just ask him about something he loves.”

Gotta catch ’em all: Pokemon Go takes over Illinois State – Illinois State University News

With 62 Pokestops and seven gyms within a half-mile of the Quad, you’ll be sure to catch ’em all at Illinois State. People of all ages are participating and creating a new community at Illinois State.

Which iconic science centers are also Pokemon GO hot spots?

A high school research student captured a pair of pocket monsters (one is pictured at right) while wandering the halls of the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science—specifically, in the presence of the machine that sent the first message via the internet.

UT Austin Grad Leads Development of Pokemon Go

The players share tips and advice while debating their allegiances to game’s different teams. Pokemon Go, they say, can be a fun break from studying, a way to liven up a long walk across campus, a healthy way to explore landmarks and even an avenue to make new friend.

Pokemon Go redefines night-life for Albuquerque college students

There are Pokemon players a plenty at the University of New Mexico campus. Campus officials are embracing the craze, encouraging people to stay safe and stay active.

“Pretty much every walk of life is here, it doesn’t matter,” Walker told KRQE News 13.

Walker said the craze is building community, so why not embrace it?

Pokemon Go @Inver

Inver Hills has seven PokéStops on campus and two just off campus plus two PokéGyms. See below for tips that will help you catch them all.

WSU Tri-Cities starts Pokemon-themed campus tours

Need to make campus visits ahead of choosing a college but don’t want to lose time trying to catch Pokemon?

The tours will offer views of facilities and its vista of the Columbia River but also the opportunity to stop into the school’s two designated Pokemon gyms and 15 Pokéstops.

“We thought this would be a fun way to incorporate an additional digital element in the tour, while allowing prospective students and their families to view our beautiful university campus,” said Seanna Coleman, the university’s lead student ambassador.

Academic organises Pokemon GO walk at USC

the Serious Games academics at the University of the Sunshine Coast, who will stage USC’s first Pokemon GO walk at its Sippy Downs campus on Friday 22 July from 3.30-5.30pm. The event is open to staff, students and the community, with details at the public Facebook group ‘Pokemon GO at USC’

Jacksonville State University | In Pop Culture: Pokemon Go Takes Over Campus

With four nearby gyms to compete in, including our very own Bibb Graves, over 20 Pokestops, and endless ground to cover, students who enjoy this mobile app game have already found plenty of ways to power up before hitting the books

Pokemon Draws Community to UM-Flint Campus

We have Pokemon outside the Admissions office in the University Pavilion; catch them while you can! The first 10 people who stop in after catching a Pokemon on Thursday, July 21 between Noon-4 p.m., will receive a PikachBLUE along with a UM-Flint swag bag. The next 20 will receive a UM-Flint lanyard.

New students use Pokemon to explore the campus

“When students are using Pokemon Go we noticed that they are going out and exploring the campus, finding where things are located, and sharing experiences with their new found friends. There are positive attributes to the game that can be embraced.”

Whether playing solo or in groups, students have the option to join one of three color-coded teams, known locally as Alfred State BLUE, Pioneer GOLD, and Team Alf-RED

Pokemon? On Campus? Yes!

We have a ton of Pokéstops on campus — I lost count at about a dozen, but there are many more. There are two gyms on campus that are very active – one between our beautiful lakes, and one by our unique bell tower.

Pokemon GO @ Santa Fe College, Gainesville Florida

Hunt for Pokemon on our beautiful and pedestrian-friendly Northwest campus.

Hashtag your catches on campus with #PokemonSF so we can share your adventures.

UTRGV | Pokemon Go Tips

Pokemon GO has taken our campus by storm! With so many UTRGV students playing and enjoying this game, we wanted to give our university community a quick guide to staying safe and having fun

A Hope Pokemon Journey Includes a Gym with a Story

“Icarus” is the statue that stands at the southern edge of the college’s beloved Pine Grove. Crafted by Kurt Laurenz Metzler, it was dedicated in 1989 in memory of Dr. Clarence De Graaf, who was a member of the Hope English faculty for 44 years, from 1928 to 1972. Dr. De Graaf died in 1986

The appellation “A Br494 Memorial,” however, doesn’t appear on the plaque. It was added informally a quarter century later, and exists only in the digital world. It honors another member of the Hope community, the late Jonathan Brockmeier


Brockmeier had been an active Ingress player, and so his friends in the Ingress community made a point of having the already-extant portal, which is within sight of Durfee Hall where he worked, renamed in his honor using his in-game name, Br494. When Niantic adapted many of the game’s portals for use in Pokemon Go, the name traveled along.

Crowds flock to Pokemon hunt around Central Florida

As more people download the game, it has attracted meetups at locations like University of Central Florida, Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs and around Lake Eola.

Pokemon ‘lure party’ draws 6 people to Christ

Realizing the unique opportunity to reach out to the community, seminary students and faculty hosted an on-campus “lure party,” July 19

Southwesterners utilized the people’s voluntary attendance by engaging the lost with the Gospel, and as a result, six Pokemon players professed faith in Christ.

Pokemon 101: New UI Course Uses Pop Culture Games to Get Students Active, Involved

A new physical activity class, Pop Culture Games, will teach students about leading active lifestyles, building teamwork and exploring their communities through games like the megahit smartphone app Pokemon Go and the live-action game Humans vs. Zombies.

The goal is to give students a fun, creative class that teaches them skills to take with them far beyond an afternoon searching for Charmander or throwing Nerf balls at “zombies” on the Administration Building Lawn — skills like leadership, ethics, safety and respect, said Philip Scruggs, chair of the Department of Movement Sciences.

Pokemon Go @ EKU | Communications & Marketing | Eastern Kentucky University

Did you know EKU has 20+ PokéStops?

Share your Pokemon with us using the hashtag #PokemonEKU

Check out the DigCit PLN’s “Campus Community” Collection here


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