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Pokemon No

In Pokemon Go and Medical Mindfulness the article observes that:

Our attention should serve as a starting point for discussing how we manage inputs and media while working with patients.

When assessing any new technology we love the advice of Kipp Co-Founder Mike Feinberg and his mantra of “Great Teaching… and more of it.” He asks if the tech does one of two things:

  • Free up educators time so they can spend longer in the classroom teaching?
  • Facilitate learning outside of the classroom.

Not only does the early evidence and research prove promising, but some might argue that exploration of Pokemon Go would help “Future Proof” the education.

What the instant success of Pokémon Go means for the future of business

The next university to offer immersive AR courses with access to educators and subject matter experts across the globe will leap ahead of competitors in attracting the best students.Now that this technology has been introduced to the mass market, consumers will want and expect more.

The advice in #PokemonGo, Being Observant, and Innovation is:

The notion of being observant is crucial to innovation… you never know the impact they can have.

Blogs and Twitter were not made for education, but people made the connection, and now these are two things that I see as “crucial” to my own learning.

In our experience and research we would add to this, it is also important to 1) identify the early adopters and then 2) give them time and space to discuss and experiment with their ideas.

If you are interested in exploring Pokemon Go in education please complete this DigCit PLN Pokemon Go Contact Form and we’ll add you to our forum and other updates.

In When the Guy in the Back Row Turns Out to Be the Man of the Moment John Hanke went back to Haas to help him decide whether to stay with Google or “spin out” and create a startup.

What can educators learn from this example?

Through the Digital Citizenship Summits, EdChange Global and Edu Match we have seen what small groups of passionate people can achieve …And this can be as much (if not more) than large bureaucratic organizations!

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