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When we shared an early draft of this DigCit Pokemon Go report, it wasn’t long before we had more than 100 people offering input of all kinds of ways. For example, our PLN shared articles (which we added to the Declara collection), made introductions to experts who specialized in gaming and AR, provided insights and comments (which we added to the report), and others who offered to help circulate the final report and assisted with proof reading and editing.

This assistance came from across the spectrum of the Education community and included educators from pre-K12 to adult education, educators and EdTech startups and people across the Atlantic collaborating and talk about good Digital Citizenship!


On the following pages, Marialice and myself acknowledge people in our network who have helped with this report, as well as other projects. Please feel free to connect with these awesome people by following them on Twitter and on this Pokemon Go Twitter List or complete the form on the following links if you want to join the DigCit PLN (And Games PLN?) Pokemon Go Steering Group Contact Form.

Acknowledgements: The Cmgr Community

my-cmgrThe My Community Manager team organize the weekly #CMGRHangout which is run by and for Community Managers. This has become a key source of PD for us… check it out on Fridays at 2pm ET

cmx“My struggle is your gain” is a comment that CMX CEO says in his Getting Started in CommunityManagement post which includes lots of great resources.

With Michelle Cordy’s closing keynote at ISTE 2016 being about communities and educators are wondering how utilize Pokenon Go to build community… It’s a perfect time for educators and EdTech startups to check out CMX.


In David’s post above the advice for anyone looking to be a Community Manager is that you  Listen! Listen! Listen! before you doing anything. I Joined #EdTechChat most weeks in the  first year.

Through listening and learning I came up with the idea of #Get2ISTE, the inaugural Connected Educator Appreciation Day (#CEduAD, Inspired by CMAD) and saw how Edu/supplier relations could look through Susan Bearden collaborating with Mad Learn


As a #Cmgr newbie just like Niantic learned a great deal from Ingress I learned a great deal from an earlier project where the #ISTE16Pirates attempted to data from #ISTE2016 in the same way we have with this report… Thank you to everyone who got involved with this! Why join the navy when you can be a Pirate? Pirates have more fun ;)!

Awesome Startup Experts
 Speaking of pirates… I’ve collaborated with James Stanbridge on a few projects and I’ve  never met anyone who listens as intently as he does! James is currently working with a  number of people to help them with their leadership skills and personal growth. I couldn’t  recommend getting in touch with him enough!

stacy Stacy Holland is the founder of Exceptional People who specializes in hard to find talent in  Sales, operations and product development for EdTech startups. Her website says that they  are the 3rd leg of the startup stool and, given her record of repeat business, it’s a statement  that’s hard to argue with

Acknowledgements: Marialice DigCit Crew

digcit-plnThe ISTE Professional Learning Network offers ISTE members year-round opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. It’s been fantastic collaborating with our colleagues at the PLN’s below. Thank you all for your time and valuable contribution with this project


edcamp-globalA special shout out to Jaime Donally and her Edchange Global and Global Maker Day crew for your constant support. The next Global Maker Day is scheduled on October 25, 2016. Edchange Global is an amazing 24 Hour Online Global Learning Events. Next event: #ECGC17 EdChange Global for Classrooms

edu-match Sarah Thomas walks the walk and talks the talk and she is committed to connecting  educators of similar interests. Her ultimate goal is to foster collaboration and to learn  together. Her EduMatch community is education for educators, by educators. #edumatch

dig-cit-chatThis shout out goes out to all the edchat moderators who take the time to share their talents and expertise  and who are constantly modeling best practices. A special shout out to everyone who has every moderated #digcit chat including Tracy Mercier, Susan Bearden, Jennifer Scheffer, Craig Badura, Glenn Robbins, Sandy Kendell, Kay Conners, Alan Katzman, Mike Ribble and Sarah Thomas.

digcitsummitTo our Digital Citizenship Summit community including the Digital Citizenship Summit UK, thank you for supporting the SAFE, SAVVY and ETHICAL elements of digital citizenship. A special shout out to the University of Saint Joseph, Bournemouth University and Twitter Headquarters for hosting the Summit.

matt-murrie #WhatIf curiosity based learning is the foundation to digital citizenship? Grateful to Matt Murrie, Founder & Chief Curiosity Curator for merging #WhatIf and digital citizenship to make an authentic learning experience for everyone.

epikA special thanks to Utah for being the first state to include digital citizenship in legislation. We’ve enjoyed working with Epik Deliberate Digital and are grateful to Michelle Linford for her time and support on this report.

Acknowledgements: Media & Distribution Partners

education-scotlandWe are grateful to Education Scotland for adding this report to their Digital Learning Community site ( ) which raises awareness of digital learning and teaching in Scotland.

tessThank you TES Scotland for running an article about this research and including a link to the report

jeffA huge shout out to Jeff Bradbury for all his help and input when drafting this report and for his ideas around ensuring that as many educators as possible access this research


EdTech review are always extremely supportive of our initiatives and this project is no different, thanks for all your help!

getting-smartThanks to Tom Vander Ark for his support with this project and for inviting us to write a guest blog post about this research and our Pokemon Experiences

edtech-digestThank you to Victor and his team for your contributions with this project and for keeping us up to date with all things EdTech. We look forward to some future collaboration

Awesome Authors

The trends and principles in the Tech Adoption Cycle of this report were spotted because of the research in my EdTech report where we were kindly given permission to reference these books.


                 …And a very special thank you!

Ibarry have been involved with a number of reports over the last few years which have been well received by the education community. These reports would not be possible if it was not for Barry Libert who, not only gave me permission to reference his book, Social Nation, when I was starting out with my exploration of social media… but was super patient and extremely generous with his time to help with my Twitter in FE report.

Thank you Barry!!

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