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I have 16 years experience working at a number of start-ups where I have held posts in sales, marketing, operations, project management and market Research.

I have worked on projects from conception to 50% market share within a 3 year period, and 100% repeat business.

Since 2012 I have been exploring and developing in-demand skills around content creation, community management, social selling, inbound marketing and curation.

I am currently looking to expand on some successful projects where I have collaborated and co-created with a number of start-ups and educators to test ideas, establish small scale pilots and roll out the idea without the need for sales calls.

Tech Stories

All LogosAs with our experiences with sales Tech Stories has changed and evolved. Tech Stories started out as a fun article taking a light-hearted look at technology in education by playing about with the Toy Story plot.

This then became a personal brand and my Twitter username, then I registered the domain name. Today the business plan that I am working on has “Tech Stories” as the company name.

Telling Tech Tales…What’s the EdTech Story?