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rhys“The surge of interest in Pokemon Go has prompted South Essex College to think strategically around enrollment and literacy aims. We’ve seen the impact that the game has had on our learners and have offered up Pokemon Lure events at our Campuses during enrolment sessions. Enrolment is a critical time of year for the College and offering the ability for learners to play their favourite mobile game whilst they enrol makes the event that little bit more fun. Learners appear more relaxed and staff are speaking to learners that play the game, offering a great ice breaker in what can be a quite nerving experience for a new learner.

We’re also using the draw of Pokemon Go to help push our literacy aims. UK Further Education providers are looking at ways for learners to engage with GCSE English requirements so in order to encourage reading and the development of literacy skills we’re offering access to Pokemon manga across all our Campuses. It may not be Shakespeare or Dickens but for some learners developing literacy skills is a real challenge and for many this will offer a fun and far more accessible way for them to begin that development.

Pokemon Go has really shown the UK FE/HE sector that social augmented reality gaming does have a place with their organisations and I hope that it’s a trend that continues to develop as we progress in our use of technology.”Rhys Hughes | Head of Learning Services | South Essex College


scott-haydenPokemon Go is going to be used at our college in 16/17 as an exemplar of a tool that successfully blends the engaging and immersive aspects of virtual/ digital with the development of employable real life skills such as communication, literacy, interaction. teamwork, collaboration, moderation, and intellectual curiosity and exploration.

The BCoT Digital Leader team and I will be investigating ways to use it’s Augmented Reality to create immersive and interactive virtual tours of the campus, enhancing lectures with formative quizzes embedded into lecture theater and college/ local landmarks, as well as using Google Cardboard to extend, consolidate and develop the interest sparked from trips to Museums with gamified rewarding experiences that stretch far beyond the confines of the physical and time constraints of traditional lectures.

The App’s success is indicative of our continuing need to respect the learn from and be receptive to the way Pop culture inspires, engages and connects with young people for a reason. We have a chance to use these new tools and the accompanying opportunities and use this technology together. Scott Hayden | Media Lecturer | Basingstoke College





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