Psychometric Profile – Visionary? Writer? Strategist?

Belbin (Profile - Chart)

I found the process of going through my professional experiences for my business plan such a positive experience, I thought I’d do the same with some of the psychometric tests that I’ve completed over the years. Again, I found this to be an extremely valuable and rewarding experience.

I have had some of these results on file for a few years, but they didn’t really make too much sense.

It’s hard to believe any concept of “Visionary,” “corporate leader” or “strategic leadership” when your job involves the reasonably rote practices of going through a telephone pitch, followed by the same presentation and any other prescriptive sales processes that your employer suggests that you use.
SHL-AccessPersonality - Leadership Report (Blog Post)I’ve found it interesting  how I’ve naturally gravitated towards creating a role that plays to my strengths and areas that I enjoy. This has not been the easiest route by any manner or means.

Whether or not I can develop the skills needed to be a Founder in startupland, where I balance the needs of clients with the kind of approach that educators would welcome remains to be seen. If not, I hope that pulling this information together will be a useful document to complement my CV/Resume.

But before any thought of returning to the world of paid employment, as a result of Tech Stories ending up being one of the 8 out of 10 businesses that fail… I hope that this summary of my psychometric test results highlights that this visionary writers strategy advice would be a useful addition to any startup or team looking to identify the best strategy for engaging educators.

SHL-AccessPersonality - Manager Plus Report (Competency Potential Profile)

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